How Just-In-Time (JIT) Staffing Works!

by Clarence de Silva   ·  1 year ago   · is a Just-In-Time (JIT) Staffing Platform for the Apartment Industry that automates the fulfillment of critical on-site services and work orders. We give property managers, multifamily investors, developers, and portfolio landlords access to professional on-demand freelance labour. Rather than committing to full-time or part-time service contracts when demand may not justify the spend, the Stable ...

How On-Demand Services are transforming the US Apartment Industry!

Between rising labour costs and operational expenses, the apartment industry has been leaning on tech to make their teams operate more efficiently. For portfolio landlords across the United States, a focus on efficiency makes sense… greater efficiency leads to higher NOI margins and predictable operating results, a win for all stakeholders. Every NMHC Top 50 owner […]

by Clarence de Silva
1 year ago